Our Queens 

Presenting Our Queens

Registered Siamese

Registered Royal Gem Dongwa

~Seal Point Siamese~


Registered Royal Gem  Teegwa

~Chocolate Point Siamese ~

Dongwa  Registered Seal Point  Siamese (on right) delights us here each day at Royal Gem Siamese with her joyful sense of humour .and  loves to play with our Rough Collies.   Dongwa loves to communicate with her warm smile and stunning vivid Blue Eyes that just melts your heart away each passing moment of each joyful day.


Teegaw Registered Chocolate Point Siamese (on left) loves to share her Outstanding Harmonic Balance here at Royal Gem Siamese She has a very stunning personality,poise, loving Temperment. Her warm purrs can be heard throughout each day.  Both  Dongwa & Teegwa love to interact  and play with our Rough Collies making each day a truly Magical Moment.


Teegwa  & Dongwa

Teegwa  & Dongwa

~Teegwa  & Dongwa~

Both as Snug as a Bug in A Rug

Like to Peas In A Pod

Like Peanut Butter & Jam


 Registered Royal Gem Siamese Teegwa

~Chocolate Point Siamese~

Registered Royal Gem Dongwa

~ Seal Point Siamese~

Below Teegwa & Dongwa Enjoying There Bunny Chair Tigether

Meow… Meow …

Siamese are truly A Royal Gem That Melts Your Heart Away Forever



~Royal Gem Registered Seal Point Siamese ~

~Presents ~ ” SUELING ” 

00b8b223-5574-4668-8c02-b80369a7bce5 sueling hold baby 3 days old born may 21, 2016


~SUELING is a REGISTERED SEAL POINT SIAMESE she loves to play with our collies in our home.  Sueling is a very smart, loving, fun loving girl.  She loves to cuddle with you all of the time.  She loves to carry a conversation with you and give you her opinion in a fun loving manner.  Meow…. Meow… Sueling is a excellent loving mother to all of her Kitts.  Sueling loves to meet people and enjoy the all the beauty that surrounds her with her loving happy ways.  She has so much love to give that Siamese love to do.