Registered Royal Gem Siamese  Presently have not any avilable kittens.


Suzanne 289-962-3000 to Reserve your Kitty  Meow…Meow…

We have a waiting list, we feel great things are worth waiting for, and we breed selectively 

for the health and well being of our Registered Siamese Kittens

Please reserve your Classic Registered Siamese for our next and upcoming future litter.

00b8b223-5574-4668-8c02-b80369a7bce5 sueling hold baby 3 days old born may 21, 2016

IMG_4340 sueling babies just born photo may 21, 2016


~Meow …..Meow……~

Please Contact:  Royal Gem Siamese

Suzanne Motchuk


(289) 962-3000

~When we have available kittens a  Deposit Is Required to Reserve your kitten 

~On Reservation Of Your Beautiful Registered Siamese Kitten~

~We Breed selectively. ~

This is why we have a waiting list for we feel that great things are worth waiting for, breeding to improve our bloodlines and Siamese Health in General.

d29ad1f5-0e8a-4dfd-bc51-db4446cf628c suelings kittens 3 days old

~A Cat Is A Lifetime Commitment~