Royal Gem Registered



Our Beautiful Royal Gem Registered Siamese Fur Babies ~ Just born in above photos. Babies in photos are only 1-2 day young ~  Meow…..Meow……

Please note all photos are copy written for Royal Gem Siamese.

Registered Royal Gem Siamese only breeds for a litter once clients  have completed a  Reservation Deposit for that future litter.   Reservation deposits  guarantees that each new born kitten will be  embarking to a loving forever home before

they are born.  Reservation deposits are required to Reserve a Registered Royal Gem Siamese Kitten. Please call us  289-962-3000 

Email: royalgemsiamese@gmail.com


~ I LOVE YOU TO MOMMY~ Your the BEST MOMMY in the whole ~Wide World~  Meow….Meow….xoxo ~

Meow..Meow.. who wants to play Hide-Go-Seek…Meow..Meow

Please Play Hide-Go-Seek With Me It Is A Fun Game…Meow…Meow…

Hey!!! everyone it is Chow Time Come And Get It… Yummy…Yummy…..Mommy  .. Your The Best Mommy..Yummy…Meow…Meow

Wow!!! …. What A Great Hiding Spot…


Hi There Everyone… Mommy Your The Best Mommy In The Whole Wide World.. You Take Great Care Of All Of Us each Waking Moment … We Love You Mommy … Meow..Meow..


Did you see where that mouse went?  …Yeap,,,, Here he is now get him hurry up before he gets away!,,,  Meow…Meow….

Ok- Mommy!!!!  

Were is the music conductor??  

Were all here and ready to sing for YOU MOMMY….


Meow …Meow…. Peek-A -Boo  We All See You …Meow..




Our Royal Gem  Registered  Beautiful Siamese

Fur Babies  Meow…Meow


Please  contact us to Reserve your Stunning Siamese Fur-Babies.  Meow…meow..


A  Deposit is required

to reserve your

Royal Gem Siamese

Fur Babies


Contact us 




Royal Gem Babies are very loving, smart, exceeds the Breed Standard.

Contact us for your loving Siamese Companion .



Royal Gem Siamese Kitten 12 weeks old Aug 16, 2016

00b8b223-5574-4668-8c02-b80369a7bce5 sueling hold baby 3 days old born may 21, 2016

IMG_4340 sueling babies just born photo may 21, 2016  

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Contact :  Suzanne Motchuk

(289) 962-3000


~A Cat Is  Lifetime Commitment~