Royal Gem Registered



Our Beautiful Royal Gem Registered Siamese Fur Babies ~ Just born in above photos. Babies in photos are only 1-2 day young ~  Meow…..Meow……

Please note all photos are copy written for Royal Gem Siamese.

Registered Royal Gem Siamese only breeds for a litter once clients  have completed a  Reservation Deposit for that future litter.   Reservation deposits  guarantees that each new born kitten will be  embarking to a loving forever home before they are born.  Reservation deposits are required to Reserve a Registered Royal Gem Siamese Kitten. Please call us  289-962-3000  Email: royalgemsiamese@gmail.com


~ I LOVE YOU TO MOMMY~ Your the BEST MOMMY in the whole ~Wide World~  Meow….Meow….xoxo ~

Meow..Meow.. who wants to play Hide-Go-Seek…Meow..Meow

Please Play Hide-Go-Seek With Me It Is A Fun Game…Meow…Meow…

Hey!!! everyone it is Chow Time Come And Get It… Yummy…Yummy…..Mommy  .. Your The Best Mommy..Yummy…Meow…Meow

Wow!!! …. What A Great Hiding Spot… 



Hi There Everyone… Mommy Your The Best Mommy In The Whole Wide World.. You Take Great Care Of All Of Us each Waking Moment … We Love You Mommy … Meow..Meow..


Did you see where that mouse went?  …Yeap,,,, Here he is now get him hurry up before he gets away!,,,  Meow…Meow….

Ok- Mommy!!!!  

Were is the music conductor??  

Were all here and ready to sing for YOU MOMMY….


Meow …Meow…. Peek-A -Boo  We All See You …Meow..




Our Royal Gem  Registered  Beautiful Siamese

Fur Babies  Meow…Meow


Please  contact us to Reserve your Stunning Siamese Fur-Babies.  Meow…meow..


A $200.00 Deposit required

to reserve your

Royal Gem Siamese

Fur Babies


Contact us 




Royal Gem Babies are very loving, smart, exceeds the Breed Standard.

Contact us for your loving Siamese Companion .



Royal Gem Siamese Kitten 12 weeks old Aug 16, 2016

00b8b223-5574-4668-8c02-b80369a7bce5 sueling hold baby 3 days old born may 21, 2016

IMG_4340 sueling babies just born photo may 21, 2016  

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Contact :  Suzanne Motchuk

(289) 962-3000


~A Cat Is  Lifetime Commitment~