Royal Gem Siamese Kitten 12 weeks old Aug 16, 2016

~Presents home raised Traditional and Classic Registered Siamese from our home to yours dedicated in producing intelligent, loving companion which excel and first most is our family companions.  Our home with our Registered Siamese is located in the Golden Horseshoe Area in Ontario, Canada.  Within a country setting to enjoy the beauty of nature indoors.  I have devoted my time to only select breeding, raising training Siamese.

Our Royal Gem Registered Siamese Adults and Kittens are born and raised in our home enjoying full time interaction with our family until the time they embark on their new adventurers with families of their own.

We strive to continue present an impressive proud picture of true balance, each part being a harmonious proportion to every other part and to the whole.

There is nothing dearer to my heart is when “Laugh”, to see my Siamese Adults and Kittens smiles and shares in the joke, or a warm node to my hand or kiss to say “See I am always here for YOU” as you are always here for me.

~Potential adoptive homes are carefully selected by means of a specific selection process~

Royal Gem Siamese Babies 12 weeks old Aug 16, 2016

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                                                 ~A  Cat is a Lifetime Commitment~

Siamese Kitten Color

One of the most fantastic facts about Siamese Kittens is their color only develops after they are born.  This is due to a fascinating blend of genetics inheritance and heat-sensitive enzymatic action that takes place during each kittens development in the womb.

The Siamese kitten color you see when you come to view your kitten is a far cry from the way this breed begins life.  All Siamese kittens are Born WHITE.

Genetics Behind The Color Development

All Siamese are born with a gene that produces partial albinism, However, the genetic mutation of this gene resists coloring to the cats extremities, including the facial mask, legs and tail.  This mutation affects the enzymes, that produce pigment in the fur, but the amount  of pigment thee enzymes produce is greatly affected by temperature.

How Temperature Affects Color Points

Temperature of 98 degrees Fahrenheit or great cause the enzymes to produce almost no discernible  coloring in the hair shafts on the cat’s extremities are generally  cooler than the body, so the enzymes do produce coloring in these areas.  Combine this heat -sensitive enzymatic action with other modifying genes, and the results are the various color point patterns seen in Siamese Cats.  So why are Siamese KITTENS born WHITE?  The temperature inside the womb exceeds 98 degrees Fahrenheit, so color production is inhibited.  The enzymes don’t become fully operational until the kittens are a bit older.  This means that while experienced breeders can make a educated guess at the color outcome of a breeding, we can’t tell for sure which color kitten will be approximately a week after birth.  Siamese kittens come in four standard colors.

Seal Point Siamese

Seal Point Siamese are the original color type first exported from Siam.  The color points are rich dark brown that appears almost black.  The brown fades into a cream on the rest of the body. Seal Points tend to darken with age.

Chocolate Point Siamese

Chocolate Point Siamese take their name from the milk chocolate coloring found on the legs, tail, face and ears. The coloration tends to develop more slowly than others.

Blue Point Siamese

Blue Point Siamese carry slate-blue points on a light bluish-white body this gives the a somewhat silvery appearance.  The nose and paw pads are also colored blue-grey.

Lilac Point Siamese

The Lilac Point Siamese is a very delicate, yet interesting combination.  The points are pinkish-grey, laid against a white body color.  The nose and paw pads are also lavender pink.  Lilacs tend to stay light even as they age.

Determining Color Points in Young Kittens

It may take as long as a year for color points to develop in a color pointed breed.  Fortunately, the pigment on the animals nose and paw pads can help you determine which color its points will be during the first few weeks of life.  Pigment usually begins developing on seal point and blue point kittens around 10 days old while it can take as long as 12 days for pigment to develop on chocolate point and lilac point kittens.

Siamese Blue Eyes

Blue Eyes also norm for Siamese Kittens.  While many breeds are initially born with blue eyes that darken later on, the partial albinism gene found in the Siamese cause the eyes to remain blue.  The color you see is actually the result of light being reflected back from the retina.

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